An introduction to bustling Indonesia’s Language, Culture, and Cuisines

Indonesia event photo

This is the first series of our cultural exchange activities. In this session, we will be getting expatriates to share their views and knowledge about their country. Through this sharing, participants will learn to appreciate Indonesia’s culture and be equipped with basic Bahasa conversational skills.

We welcome all participants and this sharing session will be conducted primarily in English.

Event Etiquette:
To ensure that all participants will have an enjoyable experience, we will appreciate that the community observes the following rules:
*Please be respectful to others as you would treat yourself. Should participants
experience harassment from any parties, please inform the organizer/event host immediately.*

In response the organising community reserves the right to ban members from attending future events.

Profile of the presenter

Name: Caroline
Nationality: Indonesian

Date/Time: 23 September 2018 – 2pm


1. A quick introduction about our meetup Organiser, Mr. Kelvin Kho

2. Ice breaking session – Sharing your understanding of Indonesia.

3. Introduction to Indonesia and its culture

4. Shopping in Jakarta: – Tips and tricks

5. Making Greetings and engaging in Basic conversations with Bahasa Indonesia – pairing/group practice

6. Food tasting – Rujak Buah (Fruit Salad with coconut sugar dip sauce)

7. Networking and sharing

What to expect:
Dear participants, please note that Indonesian Rujak Buah (fruit salad) sampling will be available during the meetup, if you would like to enjoy such delicacies during the event feel free to approach our organisers about it. Enjoy these treats at $3.50 per/box (limited 1 box per pax)

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