Alluring Indonesian Cuisines & Dining Etiquette


Through this sharing, participants will learn to appreciate Indonesia’s culture and be equipped with basic Bahasa conversational skills.

We welcome all participants and this sharing session will be conducted primarily in English.

Event Etiquette:
To ensure that all participants will have an enjoyable experience, we will appreciate that the community observes the following rules:
*Please be respectful to others as you would treat yourself. Should participants experience harassment from any parties, please inform the organizer/event host immediately.*

In response the organising community reserves the right to ban members from attending future events.

Profile of the presenter
Name: Caroline
Nationality: Indonesian


1. A quick recap session from last session

2. Introduction to Indonesian Cuisine Part II – Snacks & Finger Food

3. Ordering food with Bahasa Indonesia, pairing practice

4. Dining at the restaurant, etiquette & dining with Indonesian

5. Networking and sharing

Date: 27 October 2018

Time: 5-7pm

Venue: Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House
18 Ann Siang Road 01-01 Singapore

Key notes to take:

1) To ensure the smooth facilitation of this meetup, please confine your food purchases and consumption within the restaurant

2) Kindly refrain from blocking aisle to prevent the congestion of foot traffic and any public disturbances to a minimum

3) Please note that during this event, participants are required to purchase at least 1 food item from the restaurant, to practice ordering food.

4) This event requires a S$2 non-refundable fees to book your seat due to limited availability. The payment need to be made to my Paylah/Bank account at least 3 days prior to the event day to secure your seat. I will send the account details once you have sign up for the event. The PDF version of Bahasa Indonesia notes for the event will be available for attendees to download before the event begins.

Indonesia Event Group Picture
Indonesian food menu

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