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Indoor manners is more than just respecting the inhabitants of the homes, but is also a gesture of spiritual appreciation to the home itself which provides shelter and comfort to its inhabitants. Indoor manners cannot be overlooked if one seeks to appreciate and respect Japanese culture.

Share with your fellow friends as this is one rare opportunity to interact with local Japanese at a Japanese learning environment. And what’s more, this is a free event.

Agenda for Saturday, May 11, 10.30am

I. Japanese Manner Greetings

The 6 words that most Japanese people use at home

a. Itadakimasu
b. Gochisosama
c. Okaerinasai
d. Tadaima
e. Itterasshai
f. Ittekimasu

II. Manners when visiting Japanese Home

a. Arrive on time
b. Don’t invite others without asking
c. What to bring as gifts
d. How to announc e your arrival
e. Taking off your shoes and how to put it
f. Japanese slippers, type of slippers (indoor, outdoor, toilet)
g. What to do when leaving

III. Japanese House Structure


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Japan Creative Centre, a platform to symbolise close relationship between Japan and Singapore, for sharing with us their venue space to host our event.

Event Etiquette

To ensure that all participants will have an enjoyable experience, we will appreciate that the community observes the following rules:
Please be respectful to others as you would treat yourself. Should participants experience harassment from any parties, please inform the organizer/event host immediately. The organising community reserves the right to ban members from attending future events.

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Event photo Japanese home ettiquette

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