Exploring Japanese Workplace Culture 日本ビジネスカルチャーの紹介

Japan Workplace Culture Event

“A traveler without observation,” said Persian poet Saadi, “is a bird without wings.” The same can be said of a foreign traveler doing business or working in a foreign country. Observing another culture’s etiquette opens doors to more successful communications. This is of particular importance when doing business or working in Japan, where cultural elements can have a profound impact on decision-making and, ultimately, on the effectiveness of a business or working relationship.

Japan’s business culture has to be one of the most unique in the entire world. So you’re thinking of working for a Japanese firm. You might be wondering whether what you’ve heard about working in Japan is true. Or, if you’re already working there, you may wonder if what you’re experiencing is typical.

Our event hope to show you a glimpse of the Japanese working culture and how you can better prepare yourself for the cultural differences. So, before packing your briefcase to travel to Japan, it pays to spend some time to acquaint yourself with the values and accepted behavior patterns of Japanese workplace culture through this event.

Agenda of the activities in Aug 17, 2019

1. Welcome Video on Japanese workplace culture

2. Common Japanese work culture etiquette 

    • Timeliness

    • Staying late vs leaving on time

    • Exchanging business name cards

    • Seating Arrangement

3.  Common words used in workplace

    • Self-Introduction 自己紹介 /  Greetings 挨拶

    • Hajimemashite はじめまして

    • Yoroshiku onegaishimasu よろしくおねがいします

    • Osaki ni shitsureishimasu お先に失礼します

    • Otsukaresama deshita お疲れ様 でした

 4. Networking session

Event Etiquette:
To ensure that all participants will have an enjoyable experience, we will appreciate that the community observes the following rules:
Please be respectful to others as you would treat yourself. Should participants experience harassment from any parties, please inform the organizer/event host immediately. * The organising community reserves the right to ban members from attending future events

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