Fun Japanese Study With Japanese Expats

Fun Japanese Study With Japanese Expats

In this event, we will be focusing on Japanese 101 and we welcome both beginners (0~1 year of study) and intermediate (1 ~ 2 years of study) learners. This session will be conducted primarily in Japanese & English.

For Advanced learners, you are welcome to join as well. However, do take note that you will be assigned to a beginner or intermediate learner to help them with their learning rather than engaging a conversation with our expats friends during our event.

Why are we different?

  1. A language exchange with a learning structure in place
  2. A buddy system to aid your mastery of the language
  3. Our expats friends will correct your pronunciation and share with you the correct usage of new words

Our exchange events will be focusing on the following areas:


  1. Pronunciation for Hiragana & Writing for Katakana
  2. Greeting, basic personal information
  3. Understanding Food Menu


  1. Talking with friends in casual setting
  2. Read simple news article from NHK
  3. Elaborating your daily activities

What do you have to bring for our exchange event?

  1. Your own writing materials
  2. A keen learning attitude


We are not professional language experts nor teachers. However, we strive our best to help you learn your favourite language in a fun & interactive way.

Event Etiquette

To ensure that all participants will have an enjoyable experience, we will appreciate that the community observes the following rules:

  1. Please be respectful to others as you would treat yourself.
  2. Should participants experience harassment from any parties, please inform the organiser/event host immediately.

* The organising community reserves the right to ban members from attending future events.

Event Details

When: 10 March 2019
Time: 4:00 – 6:00PM
Where: HubQuarters
Address: Level 4, *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

Admission Fees: $5 inclusive of drinks
Notes (optional): $5 per copy (limited quantites available, payable during the event)
Contact: (+65) 85315609 (via Whatsapp)

Refund Policy:

In the event that participants are unable to turn up for the event, they may opt for a refund with a minimum of 5 days’ notice in advance. To ensure that the facilitators and other participants are not affected by others pulling out and funds to run the workshop, our refunds are as follows:

  • 7 days prior to event: 100% Refund
  • 5 days prior to event: 50% Refund
  • 4 days or less prior to event: 0% Refund
Event photo
Event photo 2

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