Is your workplace ready to embrace diversity?

We’re quickly approaching a time where the workplace is made up of up to 5 generations of employees, plenty of career-women and employees from all over the world. The dynamics are shifting and it means that the inability to embrace diversity could limit professional growth at every level.

While you may think that the young newbie knows nuts and can’t be trusted to take work seriously, he may be a resilient individual who has the potential to achieve so much if he’s only given the chance.

That senior executive in his sixties might be stubborn, but he has a wealth of knowledge, tips and insight that could even cut your work processes down by half, if you’d only ask for his opinion.

How about the members of staff who are female then? Don’t even get us started on how that story usually goes in some organisations.

These aren’t even enough to cover the countless encounters in the workplace that deals with obvious discrimination, and we haven’t even gotten to cultural differences from other parts of the world.

So how can you start embracing diversity and the rich lessons and experiences that it can bring into your organisation? Here’s an article that might help you to get started.

Article: How to prepare for workplace diversity
Author: Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard

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