Diverse Origins

Diverse Origins is a learning community that encourages the sharing of varried cultures and experiences from anyone from any walks of life. In the greater vision of things, we hope to overcome ethnocentrism and encourage the appreciation of the vast bounty of cultures worldwide.

It is our goal to assist our community to better equip itself for the international front and facilitating our members in facing the constant global move towards a global economy.

We aim to provide skills training support focusing on cross-cultural literacy to match the rapid pace that globalisation and technology has brought to the nature of businesses and jobs around the world.

Our Motivation

DO aims to share with the community the privilege, joy and contentment in playing a part in equipping others to be ready for the fast-moving global economy. Living in a community where we can proudly say that we are receptive and acceptive of people from all walks of life is a pleasantry that money, by itself, cannot purchase. It is acquired through the efforts of like-minded people working together to make the Singapore community an ideal partner for any foreign communities.

Our Vision & Core Values

Enabling borderless interaction across people of diverse origins.